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Here is what my clients are saying.

I was the heaviest and largest I have been in my life, I had diabetes whilst pregnant and that combined with my excess weight & polycystic ovaries had resulted in type 2 diabetes.

I struggled to believe that Pound & Powerhoop could achieve the results they promise as they are especially gruelling exercise.

I really enjoy working with Melissa, she is down to earth & friendly whilst still being motivating. I trust Melissa to correct me if I am doing a move incorrectly.

Since working with Melissa I have minimalised the effects of diabetes and am close to reversal and I have lost 1.5 stone and dropped a dress size!

Georgina C

I had tried getting back into exercise after having my daughter (20 months at the time of joining), I’ve never been one for joining a gym – I always tried different things to keep fit, but time didn’t always allow me to attend something the same each week if my husband had plans. Joining Bee Fun Fitness allowed the flexibilty of more classes to choose from.

I have always loved fitness classes rather than the gym so working out to music and Powerhoop had “fun” written all over it for me!

I have felt very supported while working with Bee Fun Fitness. The want to keep returning is always there and Melissa is very approachable if I have concerns of problems which is a huge positive, My fitness has improved and coming with friends and seeing people regularly is great and make classes more social.

The best result from working with Bee Fun Fitness is feeling fitter & attending classes I love! I actually get a buzz (pun intended) from working out, especially Pound. I’ve really noticed a difference in my stomach over the past few months and thats done to enjoyable exercise and regular classes with Bee Fun Fitness.

Clare A

I always said I hated exercise, didn’t own a pair of trainers and never had time to workout. I was overweight, unhappy with how big I’d become and had no motivation to do anything as well as not knowing the best exercise to do.

I was worried about exercising in a group, failing and embarrassing myself, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Working with Bee Fun Fitness has been amazing! Melissa has been welcoming, friendly, helpful, supportive and holds the best classes. The classes are different and Melissa knows exactly how to help each individual person whilst still keeping everyone together as a group. There are many classes to choose from meaning we naver have a reason to miss a week.

The best result I have had from working with Bee Fun Fitness is losing 8 inches from my waist and giving me confidence to love exercise and my body!! Thank you so much Melissa!

Emma G

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