3 Top tips to stay on track this summer

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Our routines often go out of the window when the kids are off school. We turn our focus to keep the kids amused for the six weeks they are with us.  And that’s a challenge… It’s no wonder we soon forget about our needs.

During the Summer, we’re travelling all over the place and it can be so hard to keep up the healthy habits we’ve incorporated into our lifestyle to date. To help you stay on track, I’ve devised some top tips that will make getting back into routine so much easier when September comes around.

1. Make time for you

If we don’t look after ourselves, we are no use to those that depend on us.

Set aside 5-10 minutes of quiet time just for you. You could sit down with a drink and zone in on yourself and how you’re feeling. Meditation/Mindfulness is a great option to consider.

I’ve been focusing a lot on meditation/mindfulness recently because sorting our mindset is the cornerstone to success in any area in life. I have been using the Headspace app (I find guided meditation suits me better) and the difference is incredible.

I get up 10 minutes before the kids and it really is a good way to start the day and get some ‘me time’. I am so much more focused everyday and much less of a ‘shouty mum’ when my mini bees are particularly challenging!

If you can get your thoughts and beliefs aligned correctly you will achieve anything you desire.

  1. Keep active

As humans, we are designed to move. Here’s some tips for those of you with kids and those without.

With the kids: Go for walks in the woods (my mini bees still love pretending to go on a bear hunt) and plan trips to the park. I spend a lot of time at National Trust sites, there are lovely walks, nice play areas for the kids and we can take a picnic.  We’ve had some amazing days out and not too expensive because we have an annual pass.  A firm favourite of mine is hooping with the kids, they love it because it’s ‘what mummy does’ and I get to keep my waistline in check.

Join us on Monday 7th August at Hall Place for a hooping picnic. Everyone is welcome to attend (including kids) and I will have plenty of hoops for all ages.

Without the kids: With holidays it can be difficult to fit in exercise. You can really set yourself up for an awesome day by adding in a workout. If you’re getting up early to meditate you can follow with a ten minute workout. If you’ve been taking part in the July Daily Powerhoop Challenge, then you know how you can fit that into your day.

Did you know you can take your Powerhoop as hand luggage on planes? Holiday hooping pics are always great to see.

If you’re going away and not taking your hoop you can do the workout below. Thanks to Nicola Breen for suggesting the idea.
Summer Sun Lounger Workout (Can also be done on the floor without a lounger)

Do each exercise to failure, then rest and go again. Do as many rounds as you wish….

Work until you can’t, rest until you can

  • Plank hold (on elbows or hands. If on hands place them under your shoulders. Squeeze your bum, thigh and tummy muscles, keep head, neck and spine aligned)
  • Sun lounger press up. Place hands on edge of Sun lounger, feet or knees on the ground. Set shoulders back and down, lower chest to lounger then push up to start position and repeat. Elbows can go out to the side or to work the triceps more (bingo wings) bend elbows towards the body.
  • Slow squat. Stand in front of the sun lounger, with your back to it. Squat, taking weight into the heels slowly lower the hips & bum towards to the sun lounger, see if you can touch it, squeeze your bum and thigh muscles and return to standing. Repeat
  • Cocktail sprints. Sprint on the spot as fast as you can, for as long as you can. Keep light on your feet and really drive your elbows back. Pretend you are sprinting to the bar for your favourite cocktail.

Repeat the above for as many rounds as you would like.

Let me know how you get on.

If using a sun lounger, please ensure it is secure and won’t move if using it for press ups etc. Safety first! 😉

  1. Summer eating

You’re bound to be out a fair bit over the summer which can make eating a healthy balanced diet difficult. Here are some tips that may help limit weight gain so that you won’t have to work so hard come September.

Where possible, plan meals. Make sure you have the ingredients to quickly throw together a salad or some sandwiches. This will also help save some money too! With hungry kids eating out can be very expensive.

Eating out and getting takeaways is bound to happen, and that’s cool…Life would be so boring if we couldn’t eat all the foods we enjoy.  Here’s some suggestions of better choices:

  • Choose a lean protein (protein will satisfy you for longer) then get loads of vegetables/salads on your plate then if you feel you need them, a small amount of starchy carbs.
  • If having Indian food avoid creamy curries like korma & opt for tikka tandoori. When having Chinese food avoid fried foods such as spring rolls, crispy meats & sweet & sour items and pick boiled options.
  • If at a burger restaurant, most offer skinny burgers (burger without a bun) and swap out fries for salad.
  • There are occasions where a McDonalds visit happens so what I do is focus on what protein and vegetables I can get. In the past I have chosen chicken selects and couple of salad shakers.

With a bit of thought and planning you can keep in control

Focus on eating protein and plenty of vegetables and fruit and you can’t go too far wrong! Don’t feel guilty about enjoying an ice cream or two though 😉

If you are exercising less, eat less to balance out. Exercising less and eating more is when fat/weight gain will happen.

I’m going to the Bloodstock Festival in August so I’ll update you how I get on as eating well at festivals can be interesting.

If you have any comments or would like to share some tips of your own, please get in touch.

Have a wonderful summer. Enjoy!

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