6 Top Tips For Staying Active During The Winter Months

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The dark nights are closing in, the temperature is dropping and if you have kids the snotty noses have started which can only mean one thing; the chances of getting a cold or any other illness are quite high.

This all provides us with a number of excuses not to exercise and let our fitness goals slip away.

If you get ill it throws your fitness regime out of the window, you miss a class or two and then struggle to get your motivation back. Your fitness goals are even further away.

For me getting ill isn’t really an option so I have to do all I can to prevent it from happening. I thought I’d share my 6 top tips with you. 3 for helping to prevent illness and 3 for helping recovery if you do get ill.

1. Eat foods with a high nutritional content and include food high in vitamin C. Good sources come from fruits and vegetables. Aim for 2-4 portions of fruit a day and 3-5 portions of vegetables such as cherry, oranges, strawberries & mango, sweet peppers, kale, leafy vegetables & asparagus.

2. Drink honey lemon tea everyday. It acts as a body cleanser and removes toxins from the body. It aids in digestion and provides a calming effect on the stomach. It detoxifies the body and boosts the immune system of the body. I use half a fresh lemon and a teaspoon of local honey in a mixture of boiled and cold water. If water is too hot it can destroy some of the goodness in the honey. I found this great blog about the benefits of drinking it every day. You can read it HERE

3. If you do start to display cold symptoms you could look at taking a supplement. I find Echinacea and Allicin Max (derived from garlic) help. You can find these in your local health food store, I get mine from Food for Living in Blackfen or Dartford. You also add ginger to the honey lemon tea mentioned in tip 2.

If in the unfortunate event you do get struck down by a cold or similar, here are my 3 tips for a quick recovery.

1. Drink turmeric milk. It’s an Indian remedy that when you get past the flavour of the turmeric really soothes a sore throat. My mum introduced me to this recipe

2. Medicinal Teas.  Rosemary helps soothe a sore throat because it has natural antiseptic properties. brew 1tsp of dried or 2tsp fresh rosemary in 175ml boiling water for 5 minutes.
Thyme can help loosen and expel mucous so it’s good choice if you have a cold, cough, flu or a sinus headache. Brew 1tsp of dried or 2tsp fresh thyme in 175ml of boiling water for 5 minutes.

3. Rest! If I am suffering cold symptoms or feeling run down the majority of the time I need rest. I know, I know, easier said than done if you have kids & you work. Get early nights when you can and put your feet up whenever you can even if that means putting off some housework.

I hope you find the tips useful and help to keep you healthy and active during the colder seasons. Sadly I cannot guarantee you will be free from illness, but the more you can do to keep your immune system in top form the better.

Have any tips of your own? Please comment below.

Sources: Neal’s Yard Healing Foods, Crystal Davis & Journey Kitchen

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