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My story…

Up until my early twenties I was never into fitness and I was not a fan of P.E at school and despite trying various activities like ballet & tap dancing, I never stuck to anything. Exercise was not for me. When I first met my husband he was in disbelief at how lazy I was. I’d moan if he parked too far away from the shops. My days were spent sat in an office and in the evenings I’d be sat on the sofa watching boxsets (NCIS being my favourite at the time). I was quite partial to dancing at my favourite rock nights, not really exercise though!

In 2006 I discovered Pole fitness and that changed everything (despite my mum laughing at me because I was as she called me “a weed” due to my lack of strength). I didn’t realise at the time as I wasn’t looking to “get fit” but I was improving my body composition. I got slimmer and built muscle, I liked it! I invested in my own pole and would regularly have friends round to show them what I had learnt. Being impressed with my patience a friend suggested I start teaching. The opportunity came up to teach for the company I learned with so did I that and completed my Exercise to music qualification. For the first time in my life I enjoyed fitness, mainly classes, I found the gym boring.

In 2009 I got married, then in early 2010 after the loss of my grandparents 7 weeks apart I decided to stop teaching as working full time and classes was too much for me. Soon after I fell pregnant with my first son and teaching was a distant memory.

Fast forward to January 2014, after having my second little boy now 9 months I was 2 months away from turning 30, my body was the biggest it had ever been and I was miserable. Yes my body had grown and birthed 2 beautiful boys which in itself was amazing, but I didn’t feel like me. None my regular clothes fit and all I wore was jeggings and breastfeeding tops. It was like I had a mum uniform. Between my two children I sold lots of my favourite clothes because after a 9lb 4oz baby thought I’d never be small again. I felt unattractive and lonely, I’d lost “me”

I decided to take action which was when I discovered Powerhoop. Within 6 weeks I’d lost 2 inches from my waist. Wow! It worked. I then got my own hoop and would hoop in front of the TV most evenings. After 6 months of hooping I’d lost 6 inches in total from my waist. I felt amazing, my body confidence had returned and my clothes fit. Annoyingly all the clothes I sold would now fit. I was even inspiring friends to start Powerhoop and saw them getting great results too.

Then someone gave me the idea of teaching and it reminded me how much I enjoyed teaching in the past. This coincided with me being made redundant from my office job. So I brushed up my Exercise to Music knowledge (I checked with my training provider my qualification was still valid) and took the Powerhoop Training Course and in October 2014 started my very first class and Bee Fun Fitness was created. I left the office in the November and decided to build my business around the children. For the first time in my life I was doing a job I loved! I had found my passion after never being career focused.

Since then I have invested in many other courses to teach a variety of classes that can help women who dislike exercise but are struggling with changes to their body after having children. My focus now is not just on the fun element of classes but also the safety aspect and making sure everyone gets the technique correct for maximum benefit and to prevent injury. I also like to ensure that classes are inclusive for all ages and abilities. If there is an exercise that isn’t suitable for someone for any reason, I will find a safe and suitable alternative.

With the help of my amazing customers we have a built a friendly supportive environment for women of all ages and fitness levels to exercise in. It’s something I’ve never experienced from classes before. We have lots of fun and get amazing results & there’s lots of inch loss from the waist. Which after children the tummy is the one area we all want to fix!

Health and fitness is my passion and I am always learning and researching ways I can improve my skills in order to serve my customers better. The world of health and fitness is constantly evolving and I am looking forward to seeing where my journey will go from here…

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