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My Own Worst Enemy

As I type this I am feeling extremely lethargic and not exactly motivated to get ready for the two classes I am due to teach this evening. There I said it! I know, I am always happy and positive when you see me. But like anyone else I have my down days. Today being...

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Recovering from the Summer Bloat Out

This picture was taken just after Bloodstock Festival where I’d had four days of struggling to find healthy food and vegetables to eat. All we could find were starchy carbs (so many chips) and protein (mostly in the form of burgers) so I found myself gorging on...

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3 Top tips to stay on track this summer

Our routines often go out of the window when the kids are off school. We turn our focus to keep the kids amused for the six weeks they are with us. And that’s a challenge… It’s no wonder we soon forget about our needs. During the Summer, we’re travelling all over the...

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Too much or not enough?

I’m talking about exercise here! In a world that is so fast paced and with what some might say is too much information at our fingertips, there can be lots of conflicting information when it comes to health and fitness. Today I am going to focus on the topic of...

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Without this you won’t succeed

Now that Christmas Day has been and gone and the New Year is looming, many of us turn our focus to setting New Year resolutions (that we may or may not keep) which often includes some form of diet, weight loss plan or new fitness regime. I personally don’t believe in...

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I don’t like it, but I’ll do it

I’m currently up skilling from Exercise to Music Instructor to Personal Trainer (PT) via Gym Instructor (GI) in a bid to increase my knowledge (and test my brain capabilities) in order to help my customers achieve their fitness goals in more ways. So I thought I’d...

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6 Top Tips For Staying Active During The Winter Months

The dark nights are closing in, the temperature is dropping and if you have kids the snotty noses have started which can only mean one thing; the chances of getting a cold or any other illness are quite high. This all provides us with a number of excuses not to...

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Easter Workout

It’s here! The long Easter weekend where you are surrounded by an insane amount of Chocolate. Life is all about balance so I thought I would put together a little workout to stop the guilt setting in when you decide to have a little chocolate treat. This is a workout...

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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