Easter Workout

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It’s here! The long Easter weekend where you are surrounded by an insane amount of Chocolate.  Life is all about balance so I thought I would put together a little workout to stop the guilt setting in when you decide to have a little chocolate treat.

This is a workout that can be done with our without your Powerhoop.  It’s circuit/interval style that will take around 12 minutes.  Do make sure you warm before and cool down after.  I will details some ideas further down.

Circuit/Interval training is a fun effective way to exercise and can be done anywhere with or without equipment.  It’s a great way to get a total body workout.  My classes have loved it when I have incorporated it into sessions using the Powerhoop.

This workout has two rounds of 6 exercises.  Perform each exercise for 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds. If you are very new to exercise you could do 30 seconds of exercise and rest for 30 seconds.

Exercise 1 – Shoulder Press


Lift and lower hoop at desired tempo.
Try not to lower hoop below ear level.
Keep Shoulders relaxed, fully bend and straighten arms without locking elbows.
Can be done with weights or arm resistance if you don’t have a hoop.

Exercise 2 – Side bend aka Bus driver


Start legs wide, feet turned out to corner of room, bottom down.
Engage abdominals and bend torso to one side for desired tempo.
Return to start position and repeat on the other side.
Can be done without hoop or using weights. Adjust feet to hip distance apart with knees soft.

Exercise 3 – Overhead squat


Start with feet hip width apart
Bend knees and lower body downwards, return to upright position
Perform for desired tempo (single count, pulse, 2 up, 2 down)
Drive weight into heels, keep back straight, look forward.
Add a shoulder press to progress.
Can be performed with hoop on the floor or without the hoop.

Exercise 4 – Tricep push up


Perform in box, 3/4 or on toes, hands shoulder width apart
Bend and straighten elbows to lower and lift the body weight up and down
Vary the speed (single count, down 2, up for 2)
Ensure the elbows got backwards, not outwards)
Keep spine and neck in line, engage abdominals

Exercise 5 – Hooping


Get hoop going, feet hip width apart, knees soft, engage abdominals.
Maintain forward and back hip movement.
To progress, add arm punches and or march or jog while hooping.
If you don’t have a hoop, you can perform a standing torso twist.

Exercise 6 – Spotty dog


Stand feet hip width apart
Bend the knees and push through the thighs to stride the alternately backwards and forwards.
Ensure heels go down to the floor. Take care not to force the heel down.
Keep hips facing forward and engage abdominals.
You can pump hoop up and down or perform without the hoop and use arms in opposition to legs.
To lower impact step alternating legs backwards.

Repeat twice.

Warm up ideas- 3-5 minutes

March on spot, progress to a jog as you get warmer, step touch, squat and leg curl start with a small range of movement and increase as you get warmer.  Try to incorporate exercises that you will perform that you will use in the main workout section.

Cool down ideas 

Stretches for the major muscle groups, calf, quads, hamstrings, chest, upper back, triceps, shoulders, obliques.

To save you watching a clock you can download apps to your phone and put timings, number or exercises and rounds into it.  Tabata Timer is free and simple to use.

You can complete the whole thing in less than 20 minutes and feel less guilty about enjoying and egg or two over the long weekend.

If you have questions about any of the exercises, send me a message to beefunfitness@gmail.com

Enjoy! Let me know how you get on.

Bee Fun Fitness

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