I don’t like it, but I’ll do it

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I’m currently up skilling from Exercise to Music Instructor to Personal Trainer (PT) via Gym Instructor (GI) in a bid to increase my knowledge (and test my brain capabilities) in order to help my customers achieve their fitness goals in more ways. So I thought I’d blog about some of the process.

I’m currently 2 weeks away from the GI course and 5 weeks from the first weekend of my PT course. If you don’t already know me, I’m doing all of this while being a full time mum and running my own business. (Yes, yes I am mad and I never do things by half!).

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reading my Gym Instructor manual and completing as much as I could of my LAR (Learner assessment record) the library is where I have been spending most of my weekends. As part of my pre-course study my tutor suggested I go to the gym with my manual and get used to using the equipment. So today manual in hand I walked myself to the gym listening to new POUND tracks and looking like a lunatic as I enthusiastically air drummed routines en route.  That’s where the confident me disappeared.

The gym. A place I have avoided since before I had children. When I did go had no idea what I was doing or why, and quickly stopped going in favour of swimming and group classes.  Being an Exercise to Music instructor does not require you to know what the machines in a gym do.

Unless I want to pass my course I have to suck it up and get cracking. I turned my manual to the first machine based exercise – The Step Machine.  Having not used one before I nervously approached, had quick read of the teaching points in my manual and made my first attempt at using it.  I hate to think what other gym goers must have thought about my lame attempts at using the machine and pressing pretty much every button on the thing trying to work out what I needed to do. I’ll be honest, I didn’t look around! I felt far too embarrassed. Finally, I got into a rhythm and could focus on my posture and technique.

That’s kind of how it went for every piece of equipment I went to!  A friendly PT did come over while I was on the treadmill to see what I was up to offer help which was great. Shame he hadn’t been there for my amazing efforts on the step machine. I kinda had the treadmill sussed!

After what seemed liked forever, I’d been round all the equipment in my manual. I decided to save the free weights for at home as I have my own dumbbells & barbell. I felt like I had humiliated myself enough for one day.

Still, I went, I practiced and it does mean that when I attend my course in 2 weeks I’ll know what the machines do and how to use them. I’ll be honest I am a much better learner when someone is talking me through what to do!

A few things I learnt from today. I still dislike the gym, give a me group class any day! Even though I haven’t yet qualified as a GI from reading the manual and practicing using the machines myself, other gym goers seemed to rush the exercises they were doing (because they can’t wait to get out perhaps?). Despite being out of my comfort zone and my dislike of the gym, help is around if you need it.

One thing I do know is that in two weeks I am going to have a brilliant time on the course and learn so much.  Who knows I may even end up liking the gym!

Now to get my head around planning a sessions for my assessment…

Have you ever done something you weren’t keen because you had an awesome end goal sight?

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