Metabolic Effect


The Metabolic Effect Fat Loss Workout is unlike anything you will have tried before.

Are you looking to lose weight and tone up?
Want an intense workout without the high impact of HIIT Classes?
No time to workout?

In this the class you will learn:

An effective resistance based workout that will assist you in losing weight and toning up
Is intense enough to get amazing results without the high impact jumping exercises.
It’s a 20 minute workout that will set you up for an awesome day (Total time 35-40 minutes to allow for warm up and cool down)

In a Metabolic Effect fat loss workout we use hand weights and have set amount of exercises to complete in 20 minutes. You workout until you can’t work anymore, then you rest until you feel like you can carry on. The idea is you the amount of time you workout and the amount of time you rest are equal.

This triggers the hormones that assist the most effective fat loss and will give you the best results.

This video explains it well:

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