6 week Powerhoop challenge

Before Christmas 2015 I ran a 6 week Powerhoop challenge for all class attendees to see how much they could lose from their waists after 6 weeks of Powerhoop classes.

The results were amazing! Participants lost between 1-3.5 inches from their waists. When worked out as a percentage some had lost up to an incredible 10%

Feedback from the challenge was fantastic with many people requesting to do another starting in January 2016.  So I have listened to the feedback and the challenge is back and will be ongoing.

Here’s how it will work:

  • See me before or after a class and I will measure your waist (I can also measure your hips if required).
  • I’ll give you a card to bring to class each week for me to sign. After you have attended 6 classes, I will re-measure your waist to see how much you have lost.
  • Everyone that completes the challenge will be noted down and every 6 weeks the person who has lost the most based on percentage will win a prize.
  • You can repeat the challenge as many times as you like.You can join the challenge at any point, prizes announced regularly.  Keep an eye on our Facebook Page or join the mailing list for details.


Here are some the results achieved so far:

6 week challenge S wp_ss_20160225_0001

Here are my top 3 tips to help achieve the most from the challenge:

  1. Practice at home. Get your own Powerhoop (I sell them, you will save on postage costs) and hoop in each direction for equal amounts of time for a total time of up to 10 minutes. Not only will you increase the potential amount you could lose you will improve your technique quicker. Hoop to your favourite tunes or while watching TV. You can also complete your own progress chart and send it into for a chance to win another prize. Find here: Powerhoop_Six_Week_Progress_Chart
  2. Eat a balanced and varied diet to fuel your body and help you feel your best. Whilst I am not able to give personalised nutritional advice, I can give general advice and point you in the right direction of some great resources and recipe books to get you started.
  3. Stick with it! You may struggle to keep the hoop going to begin with, but each week you will see improvement (sooner if you hoop at home). Anyone at classes can tell you that. The format of The Powerhoop Workout means that even if you don’t master the hooping straight away you will still get a brilliant workout. The results really are worth it!


Still not sure? A scientific study has proven that Powerhoop does slim the waist, you can read more about it here. That is in addition to the other benefits such as weight loss/calorie burn, reduced lower back pain, stronger core muscles and improved coordination. You are learning a new skill and it is FUN!

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It’s worked for me, it’s worked for my participants and it can work for you. Not only could you slim your waist, you could win a prize.

What are you waiting for?

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