This picture was taken just after Bloodstock Festival where I’d had four days of struggling to find healthy food and vegetables to eat. All we could find were starchy carbs (so many chips) and protein (mostly in the form of burgers) so I found myself gorging on the fruit salad and grilled tomatoes at the hotel breakfast.

When we did manage to find a stall serving vegan and vegetarian food, I ordered a halloumi wrap with salad and begged the staff to give me extra salad!!

By the end of the festival, I felt horrible – bloated and sluggish. But that was only the beginning of our travels – we were Scotland-bound via a stopover in Newcastle.

With a plate full of vegetables from the carvery and the discovery of a Boost juice bar, I managed to stay relatively healthy in Newcastle.

In Scotland, I ate more fruit and vegetables but I didn’t have my blender to make smoothies. As we were catching up with family, there were lots of not-so-healthy foods and it felt ok to indulge a little.

For the record, I don’t eat perfectly but I like to get the balance right most of the time and keep as active as I can.

Getting back into the routine

When I got home, I pulled out all the stops to get myself feeling better.
I listened to my body and really paid attention to how I felt after each meal. I had a green smoothie every day and for lunch and dinner I had a lean protein with lots of vegetables and a small portion of starchy carbs for satiety.

I did some Powerhooping and Metafit workouts to get my fitness back up. Within a couple of weeks (see picture below) I was feeling better and the bloating had gone down dramatically.

There was no magic pill, meal replacement product or quick fix and at no point did I count calories.

In summary…

I listened to my body and eliminated as many starchy carbs and processed foods as I could without feeling like I was depriving myself so I’d want to binge later. I started eating lean protein and plenty of fruits and vegetables. I also drank lots of water and focused on workouts that met with my goals (de-bloating and fat-burning).

I’m not feeling quite as good as I did before summer, but if I continue with my plan, I’ll be back to my old self in no time at all.
Do you feel certain foods make you bloated? Have you found a way to recover? Comment below, it might help someone in same situation…

If you really pay attention to your body, you will soon discover what you need to do to feel awesome.

Bee Happy Bee Healthy Bee YOU!

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